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Setting Up Mumble

Install Mumble

flatpak install flathub info.mumble.Mumble
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mumble/release
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mumble
sudo pacman -S mumble
sudo dnf install mumble

Configuring Mumble

After you start mumble you will be greeted by a setup wizard. It will walk you through setting up selecting your microphone and voice gate.

For now close the Server menu. We are going to setup push to talk before we connect to the Mind Drip Media server. This is courteous to others as well as protecting your privacy while we are on the air.

Open your settings panel Configure -> Settings -> Audio Input Under Transmission, change Voice Activity to Push To Talk.

Now that we have push to talk enabled we need to set a hotkey to activate it. Click on Shortcuts in the far left panel. Then click on Add then on Unassigned, scroll all the way down you should see Push-to-Talk. Select that option. Click in the black space to the right of Push To Talk under the Shortcut row. Now press the key you want to be your activation key. We suggest the Right Control key.

Connecting to the server

Now we are ready to connect to the mumble server. Close out the settings panel and click on Server -> Connect. Hit Add New

Field Value
Port 64738
Username Your User Name
Label Mind Drip Media Mumble

Last but not least Click on Ok and double click Mind Drip Media Mumble in the servers list.

Last update: 2023-11-29