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Setup Nextcloud Contact Sync (iOS)

Dec 05, 2023
By: Isaac Danielson


Setup contact syncing between your Nextcloud instance and your iPhone.

Syncing Contacts

Step 1. Open the settings app and select the search bar.

Step 2. Search "Contacts" and select the option indicated below.

Step 3. Select "Accounts"

Step 4. Select "Add Account"

Step 5. Select "Other"

Step 6. To setup contact sync, select "Add CardDAV Account." To setup calendar sync, select "Add CalDAV Account."

The following steps are identical with both options

Step 7. Enter "" into the server section and enter your credentials. After your information is entered, click next.

Step 8. Contact/Calendar sync has succesfully been configured.

Last update: 2023-12-05