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Windows 11 Offline Setup

Feb 12, 2024
By: Noah Chelliah


This tutorial walks you through setting the out of box experience (OOBE) on Windows 11 without an internet connection or Microsoft account.

This tutorial assumes you are starting with a fresh install or a new computer with Windows 11.


Step 1. At the language screen Press + to launch a command prompt.

Step 2. At the command prompt type:

Step 3. Press enter and the system will restart.

Step 4. After the system restarts, the out of box experience session will begin again.

Step 5. Continue the OOBE questions until you see "Let's connect you to a network" dialog.

Step 6. At the network dialog choose: "I don't have Internet".

Step 7. Continue with limited setup, accept the terms, and setup your offline account!

Last update: 2024-02-12