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Installing & Using Nativefier

Nov 28, 2023
By: Noah Chelliah


Nativefier is an application that will turn any web page or web based app into a desktop application for Linux.

Installing Nativefier

Step 1. Install Nativefier

For Ubuntu:

sudo snap install nativefier

For Others:

sudo npm install -g nativefier

Creating a Nativefier App

Step 2. Create a desktop app for the MDM Docs site

$ nativefier --name Docs \
--platform linux --arch x64 \
--width 1920 --height 1080 \
--tray --disable-dev-tools \

Step 3. Run the Nativefier app

  • Browse to the location you ran Nativefier
  • Open the "Docs-linux-x64" directory
  • Double click to run the executeable named "Docs"

Last update: 2023-11-29