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Updating ICD-10 Codes in OpenEMR

Jan 11, 2024
By: Dark Decoy


Updating ICD-10 Codes after updating to New Version of OpenEMR

Updating ICD-10 Codes

  1. Before you begin, it is critically important that you create a database backup. We recommend doing this on a controlled staging instance to minimize any impact to users.

  2. Go to the OpenEMR web portal and login with an Administrator account

  3. Open Admin menu

  4. Go to Coding menu and select External Data Loads

  5. Click on ICD10

  6. Click UPGRADE

  7. Once the upgrade is completed it should say successful and once you have refreshed the page you should see the new Release Date

  8. Go back to the Admin menu and open the Forms menu. Then select Lists.

  9. Click Address Book Types

  10. Select Code Types

  11. Ensure that Active is checked for both ICD10-PCS and ICD10 and then Click Save

  12. Additionally, you will want to ensure that the update was successful, and includes the codes for the new year. From the same Coding menu as before, select Codes:

  13. Select ICD10 Diagnosis from the lefthand menu, and enter a new code in the search box. An example from 2024 is A41.54, which you can enter as follows:

  14. If you can see both existing and new ICD-10 codes, the update process was successful. If you are unable to find any ICD-10 codes via the search menu, you will need to revert to your database backup immediately, because the upgrade silently failed. This is a sign that you will need to update or patch your PHP stack.

The New Version of ICD10 Codes will now installed and available to be used.

Last update: 2024-01-16